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Central Receiving

Central Receiving is involved with the day-to-day operation of accepting deliveries, processing goods receipts, and delivering goods to all departments across campus. Central Receiving is also responsible for returning all packages with discrepancies (damaged goods, overages, incorrect items received, etc).

Other areas involved in Central Receiving:

  • Receiving Freight

  • Shipping Freight

  • Export Control

  • Assisting the Moves and Events Office

  • Assisting with Surplus Property and SlapSale Auction's

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Central Receiving, contact Johnny Rayos or Monica Sanchez at 245-2294.

    Receiving Freight

    Central Receiving receives all goods ordered by Texas State teaching, research, administrative and project offices. Services include the following:

  • Receiving from vendors and transportation companies all material obtained by Purchase Order, P-Card and Special Events.

  • Verify to determine correct quantity and inspect for damages

  • Delivery to appropriate Department by Goods Receipts

    Material will be processed through Central Receiving on a first received - first delivered basis, unless the nature of the material dictates special handling. Partial and complete shipments will be handled in the same manner. Normal deliveries should arrive by the following business day.

  • Cartons will be opened as necessary to count the number of items delivered and to inspect for damage. This inspection DOES NOT provide technical inspections.

  • The delivery crew WILL NOT stock shelves or supply cabinets.

    A Goods receipt/Hand receipt must be signed by the accepting department at time of delivery. The department can print a copy of the receipt using SAP transaction MB90. If there are any issues with the delivery, such as receiving something that doesn't belong to you or something is received on a hand receipt that should have been received against a purchase order, please notify Central Receiving immediately or within 3 business days.

    If there is a change of delivery address, or special delivery instructions, please notify the Central Receiving office.

    Certain materials, due to their nature, will not be accepted at Central Receiving. The following are examples of such items; however, these items include but are not limited to the materials listed below, and should be delivered directly to the appropriate recipient:

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Live Animals

  • Bottled Gas

  • Concrete

  • Food for Human Consumption

  • Gasoline/Chemicals (Bulk Deliveries)

  • Plate Glass

    Departments that directly receive freight ordered on a purchase order must complete and submit a Goods Receipt Using Z_MIGO through SAP.

    Useful Links

  • DHL

  • Federal Express

  • United Parcel Service

  • U.S. Postal Service

    Returning Freight

    1. Receiving provides outbound freight shipping for the entire campus, can assist you in selecting a carrier, or arrange for pick-up of materials being shipped off campus by common carrier. Central Receiving personnel will work with the vendors, department/office personnel, Accounts Payable, and Purchasing Offices in order to insure that freight is promptly and correctly returned to the vendor. When freight is returned, Central Receiving personnel will reverse the Goods Receipt if this needs to occur.

    In order to have returns picked up by our Central Receiving personnel, prior arrangements need to be made with the Vendor and Central Receiving. We also need the purchase order number and the department cost center and fund numbers before we can ship merchandise.

    Department personnel should call the Vendor as soon as possible and give a reason for returning the merchandise (damaged, double shipment, wrong item, etc...); if possible, get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number, or request a Call Tag (Prepaid Shipment) arrangement with the vendor. Save all documentation and attach to the box(es) because the vendor will ask for some information from these types of documents. Note that some vendors will only allow 2 weeks for returns (i.e. before they are not responsible for the merchandise and/or the return shipping).

  1. Complete the attached form Return Shipping Information Form for all outbound freight services. Central Receiving will schedule your pickup and call you if special arrangements need to be made.



Departments are also responsible for packing items for outbound shipment, obtaining a vendor return authorization (if applicable), and placing labels on all items to be shipped.

Shipping costs (if applicable) will be charged to the department requesting shipping services, if Vendor has not provided you with Prepaid Shipment Information. Call Central Receiving at 245-2558 to request outbound freight services.


It is the responsibility of all Texas State University employees who are shipping items outside the United States (including hand-carrying items such as research equipment, materials, data, or biological or chemical materials) to comply with export control laws and regulations. Any transfer of project information, equipment, materials, or technology out of the U.S. by any method may be subject to export control restrictions and may require an export license or be prohibited depending on the item, destination, recipient, and end-use.

Even if an item is cleared through Customs, it may still require an export control license. The simple act of sending a package to a foreign collaborator can result in a violation of export controls. All international shipments must be authorized by the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC) and Materials Management prior to shipping anything out of the United States.

All TX State employees must contact ORIC ( and request an export shipping assessment. Upon the conclusion of the assessment, ORIC will contact the exporter and Materials Management in writing of the results of the assessment. If the item is authorized to be shipped Materials Management will facilitate the coordination of the shipment for the exporter with an approved 3rd party vendor.

Overnight Returns:

For overnight shipping such as Fed Ex., UPS, and DHL, etc., the freight needs to be in the Central Receiving office by 2:00 p.m. daily.

Note: Please don't drop off overnight packages at Fed Ex, UPS or any shipping business locations.