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Moves & Events

Moves and Events is involved with the day-to-day operation of setting up and picking up items for special events, picking up items for surplus, moving offices, and assisting the Central Receiving office when necessary:

  • Collect and store surplus property and equipment
  • Deliver surplus to departments on request
  • Deliver new furniture
  • Provide chairs, tables, desktop podiums and portable chalkboards for classroom use
  • Assisting with Central Receiving Office
  • Assisting with Auctions of Surplus Property

MM&L Labor Rates

Materials Management & Logistics (MM&L) services are billed on labor charges associated with the performance of work done by MM&L Warehouse Workers.  These charges are based on labor rates which include direct salary costs, vacation and sick leave benefits, and materials and vehicle overhead.  The current rate is $25 per hour per man.  Work performed after normal work hrs. (8-5, M-F) and/or on weekends will be based on a time and a half rate.  There is a minimum charge of one hour and one man or $25.  The total time of the service starts and ends at the University Distribution Center (UDC) building.

Handling Surplus Property

  • To request removal of items from your inventory, complete the Automated Asset Transfer Request for assets using the ZTRFASSET screen. If none of the equipment has an inventory tag, refer to the Requesting Pickup of Surplus Equipment link above.

Please Note: We ask that you please sign in at the front desk, and as you wander through the warehouse, please be careful.  Surplus items are stored inside the yellow safety boundaries that specifically indicate you should not cross without appropriate warehouse personnel with you. These markings are there for your safety, and when you cross into these areas, you are not only putting yourself at risk, but those of our warehouse personnel.


For any questions about the Moves and Events office, please contact David Vasquez at, or call 245-2569.