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Equipment on Loan

Property Management

Equipment Loans Section

All requests for the loan of university property are made through the Office of Materials Management and logistics on appropriate loan forms available in the Office of Materials Management (see Attachments I and II). Account managers do not have authority to make any loans of equipment, except to their employees for official university use. - UPPS No. 05.01.01

Equipment on Loan Form: No university employee may use university property for personal purposes or gain. If a university employee uses university property, off-site, for official use, he/she must fill out the standard "Equipment on Loan" (Equipment-on-Loan.pdf). - UPPS No. 05.01.01

Non-University Function Equipment Loan Request: All requests to borrow university property should be made at least ten (10) days in advance of the actual date needed to allow time for approval and arrangements. The "Non-University Function Equipment Loan Request" (Attachment II) must be used for this purpose. - UPPS No. 05.01.01

Equipment Transfers

When a capitalized or controlled item is either switched between accounts, or departments, or sent to surplus, then a Texas State Equipment Transfer form must be completed. For more information about equipment transfers, see Property Management's Capital Equipment/Controlled Items Section page for more information.